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Saturday, September 16th!

Registered: 48
Seats Secured: 29
Remaining: 36

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UT2K4:TDM 2v2!
CS:S 5v5 !

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 HavocLAN News
Down time...
Posted 10/9/2006 (10:01 pm) by qr7
Sorry guys for all the down time... server hardware died and it took some time to replace. Hopefully everything is up and working now. I gotta put up the pictures in the next 24 hours...

PS. no we're not dead.

Good Times
Posted 9/28/2006 (5:21 am) by gr1ng4
Just wanted to say thank you to everyone that helped out for this past LAN. (you guys rock!)
We've been kind of busy around here but I promise pictures in the gallery soon. We haven't forgotten. ;)

Prizes & Stuff
Posted 8/10/2006 (3:32 am) by qr7
Just a quick rundown of what’s come in so far:
     Wolf King has provided HavocLAN with two “Warrior” gaming pads (these things are cool!). These will go to the two who win the UT2k4 tournament, so find a partner and sign up! has also hooked HavocLAN up with all kinds of goodies that we plan on giving out (AMD 939 Mobo, External HD, + stuff), but we’re not telling you how you have to earn it just yet...
     DangerDen (I love these guys) went all out and provided shirts, pens, and something AWESOME that you’ll have to see at the party to believe!
     As usual Bawls hooked us up with some swag and we’ll be picking up a ton of extra bawls this time around because you all seemed to love them so much last time.

Only a month away... prepare to get pwned.

50 days away...
Posted 7/27/2006 (7:16 pm) by qr7
     Just want you all to know that things are still happening in the background. Sorry we haven’t kept you all up to date but we want you all to know that we are planning come great things for this party! We’ve got some pretty kick ass sponsors who are providing some sweet prizes this time around so sign up for the tourneys! Look for a bigger announcement in the coming week!

Another Tournament?!?!
Posted 6/22/2006 (1:23 am) by gr1ng4
     HavocLAN is happy to announce TWO tournaments for our September event! In addition to the UT2k4 tourney, we've decided to go ahead with a Counter Strike:Source one also. Think you and four (4) friends got what it takes to be the best of the best or just want a rematch for being utterly pwned last time? Come prove yourself at HavocLAN IV!
     We’ll be running a CS:S 5v5 tourney during the day of the event (just like HL3). Teams must register as a group under the Group / Clan Management in the User Panel and then check the box below the team member's names to confirm that you are in fact playing CS:S. You can still create a group if you want to sit together and chill with your friends, just don't check the box.
     No teams of less than 4 people will be allowed to play in the tourney. All teams and members must be registered and formed before the day of the party.
     We hope you guys and gals are excited and keep the feedback coming on the forums.

Registration Open! + Competitions
Posted 6/12/2006 (12:06 pm) by qr7
     Go forth and register for HavocLAN IV. Don’t forget to setup your group (if you have one) and pick a teammate. Get the word out to your friends and all that good stuff!
     HavocLAN needs a new logo, or rather, needs a logo. All submissions should be sent to contact(at this site) or gr1ng4(at this site). Winner gets free admission to HavocLAN IV (and maybe V)!
     Along the same lines, we’d like to announce the Screen Shot Of The Moment (SSOTM) Competition. Send us your best in-game screenshots and we’ll sort through them all. Whoever submits the best one will receive free admission to HavocLAN IV. Remember to send them to contact(at this site) so that we get it.

HavocLAN IV: 109 Days Away
Posted 5/30/2006 (7:51 pm) by qr7
     And so it begins... HavocLAN IV - September 16th, 2006. The staff has rested since HavocLAN III, and had some time to relax and now we’re back to take DC by storm once again. Expect more news to come in the next week in the form of an email and news post. An email will also go out when registration is open as well with some more details about the party.
     HavocLAN is still looking for some experienced staff members (Server Admin, Security, Tourney staff). We’re also looking for a web designer with some spare time on his/her hands (Photoshop / PHP). Get in touch with me (qr7 at this site) if you’re interested or know of anyone who might be.

No, we're not dead... just busy
Posted 4/23/2006 (11:01 pm) by qr7
     Hey everyone! I just wanted to let you all know that we haven't forgotten about you, and we hope you haven't forgotten about us. HL4 is in the planning stages and we'll be releasing more info about it as things start to pick up. Stay tuned!

HavocLAN III - An event to remember...
Posted 3/17/2006 (2:52 am) by qr7
     HavocLAN would like to extend our thanks to everyone who showed up to HavocLAN III! We (the staff) had a great time and cant wait till the next one! I personally would like to thank all of you for coming and hope to catch up with you on the forums and maybe even online. Until next time, keep fragging and don't forget about us!

EDIT: Oh yea; the pictures are up! If you have any pics of the event, please end them my way.

Last Edit: 3/17/2006 (2:54 am) by qr7
Posted 3/8/2006 (9:32 am) by qr7
54 Registered, 43+ secured!?!?

Hope you guys are as excited as we are about Saturday!

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